With 5 different sizes, and 6 different colors, the possible uses for these beautiful trees in limited only by your imagination! The trees include a high quality steel structure, covered by molded plastic trunk sections that are made to resemble a real palm trunk. The steel base includes mounting holes and hardware to mount the tree to concrete, asphalt, wood deck, etc. A set (4) of steel legs in also included on trees under 18 feet, in case you prefer the flexibility to move the tree. The palm fronds (branches) are steel reinforced, and bolt to the main structure. The electrical connectors are waterproof. The trees use a standard 110V electrical outlet. Replacement parts are available. The trees include a lighted trunk, lighted fronts (branches), and lighted coconuts. They also include a remote control which controls the lighting sequence (blinking, “step” flashing, etc.) of the fronds.

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